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Isidra Mencos: Promenade of Desire ($17.95)

Born and raised in Barcelona during and after the Franco dictatorship, Isidra joins our Local Authors bookcase with a frank and moving story of entering adulthood during a time of immense cultural and political change. "A brave and unblinkingly honest portrait of a young woman's sensual and sexual awakening in the face of censure and repression, and her refusal to be held back by the constraints of her family, culture, and religion... Her story is shameless, in the very best sense of the word." Joyce Maynard, New York Times best-selling author of Labor Day, To Die For, and Count The Ways

Anthony Florence: Hell's Heaven ($17.99)

"I attended the University of Massachusetts and a computer electronics class at Benjamin Franklin Institute, where IBM hired me. After 20 years in the world of high technology, I became disillusioned with corporate life and moved with my family to Costa Rica, where I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Dr. Deepak Chopra, who contacted me and invited my wife and I to join him at his private lunch with the presidential candidate of Costa Rica during his one-day conference. How?"

Mary Rae and Wanda Venters: Break Bone Fever ($13.99)

When Dr. Gennifer Drake's body washes up on a foggy beach on Galveston Island, Texas, Dr. Louise Finnerty, an emergency medicine physician, and Dr. Marnie Liccione, a recently widowed pediatrician, are shocked by their friend's death. As they delve into the murder investigation, they discover Gen had been researching a deadly new form of dengue fever at the ultra-high security Gulf National Laboratory. Aided by climate change, this mosquito borne illness, known as Break Bone Fever, is spreading northward and threatening the United States.

Bob Albo: Her Dark Matter Necklace ($12.00)

Alice learns that as she sleeps, her consciousness actually explores the dark matter universe of Thronos, the universal spirit. And as Robert reveals the science of dark matter, the human soul, and other mysteries, he gives her a monumental task: bring beauty to your world. Alice meets Reina, an alien child, and together they learn that beauty can be many things, like a mother's love for a child, compassion for others, art. But what she doesn't know is that she is playing the key role in St. Robert's prophecy

Donna Darling: The 3 Marias ($12.00)

This work of historical fiction is set in Puerto Rico, 1895, a period of tumultuous change for the island, and tells the story of three sisters embroiled in rebellion, betrayal and lost love. A secret threatens their bond when they are caught in a web of murder during the Spanish American War. After the massive hurricane of 1899, the three Marias are faced with the diffcult choice to stay and rebuild, or leave their home and their land.

Joyce Novicky Martinez: The Ball That Wouldn't Bounce ($5.00)

A children's picture book about a lost ball that can't bounce until he is found by the boy who loves him.

John McCormick: Chinese in Napa Valley ($23.99)

Chinese laborers were once the backbone of Napa Valley. Throughout the 1800s, they were the major labor force in the vineyards, quicksilver mines, hop farms, leather tanneries and laundries and carved out neighborhoods in towns throughout the Valley. These contributions did little to deter discrimination, and Anti-Chinese Leagues sprang up to harass and intimidate immigrants like Chan Wah Jack, who ran the successful Sang Lung store in Napa’s Chinatown.

Chris K. Pancoast: Why Play? Learning Through Play, Animal Tales ABCs ($18.00,15.00)

Chris earned his Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Sonoma State University, and Why Play? Learning Through Play is the result of his research into the critical importance of play for children (and for adults!).

Animal Tales ABCs tells the story of a child and his beloved alien friend that comes to life taking him and his siblings on an “around the world” adventure learning about animal conservation, endangered species, and ways that youth in todays society can help protect animals.

Claudia Hagadus Long: Our Lying Kin ($14.95)

Zara and Lilly are back, but their relationship has some cracks in it. Through the long pandemic isolation, Zara’s gone from straight-laced to rigid, while Lilly, true to form, has indulged in some dubious—and not-particularly-legal—adventures. But they’re still sisters, and sisters are special.

Elaine Gast Fawcett & Sue Schwartzman: Two Measly Spots! ($18.99)

In the misty, mossy morning deep in a Redwood grove, Lulu woke up from her winter slumber. She stretched, looked around her ladybug log, and was dazzled by the sea of black spots. Some bugs had 8 spots, 10 spots, 12 spots, or more. Lulu looked back to count her own spots.

One...two... Two measly spots!

Amy Landgraf: Good Night, Sweet Peas ($17.99)

Rollie Pollie Pea and his siblings are enjoying some fun in the garden when Grammy and Grampy Pea declare it’s time for bed. The five peas set about bathing, brushing, and climbing into their pod for a goodnight story. But putting five little peas to bed isn’t as easy as it sounds, and delaying tactics soon abound. Parents and children alike will laugh at the recognizable ways in which a little one tries to put off going to sleep, and the surprise ending will have them begging to read the book again!

Blair Hoffman: They Never Reigned ($16.95)

British kings and queens are famous today. But many heirs to the British throne never became the actual king or queen due to various quirks of fate. This is their story. The stories include the oldest son of William the Conqueror, who lost the chance to become king because he was off fighting in the First Crusade; the White Ship disaster of 1120, England’s medieval Titanic, in which the sole male heir to the throne, and many others, drowned; an intrepid woman who nearly became queen in her own right four centuries before a woman actually did so; two princes who should have become a second King Arthur; the romantic warrior known to history as the Black Prince; the Princes in the Tower, who were supposedly murdered by King Richard III; the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded by Queen Elizabeth I after an utterly unfair trial; James, who was born the heir and then was overthrown while still a baby, and was later known as the Old Pretender; a beloved Nineteenth Century princess who tragically died in childbirth at the age of 21; and many more.

Cyndi Spindell Berck: Pocahontas and Sacagawea ($20.00)

Berck weaves the stories of these two Native American heroines with those of their friends, kin, and contemporaries, tracing a slice of American migration from the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia, across the Appalachian Mountains, through the land of the Cherokees, to St. Louis, up the Missouri River, and finally to the Pacific.

Margaret Lucke: House of Whispers ($6.99)

Claire Scanlan is launching a new career in real estate and has a chance to sell a spectacular oceanview home designed by a world-renowned architect. But the home has a problem that frightens off buyers -- it was the site of a vicious mass murder. Claire experiences strange sensations, and as the unexplainable experiences continue, the idea that the place might be haunted both fascinates and repels her.

Margaret Lucke: House of Desire ($14.95)

When a trip across time barriers leads to murder... At a gala fundraiser to save a grand San Francisco Victorian, reluctant psychic Claire Scanlan she encounters a mysterious young woman, Roxane, who is invisible to everyone but her. Roxane is a "soiled dove" plying her trade in the mansion in 1896. She has discovered a secret portal that lets her slip into what she calls the Future House to escape the most brutal of the men who buy her favors.

Margaret Lucke: Snow Angel ($14.95)

On the eve of a high-profile murder trial, a seven-year-old girl disappears — the daughter of the San Francisco cop who is the star witness. Artist/private detective Jess Randolph joins the frantic search for the girl she thinks of as a sister. Jess must risk her life and confront her darkest fears as she races time to find the child before it’s too late. The hunt takes her from San Francisco to the snowbound Sierra, and deep into the hearts of two shattered families.

C.A. Gordon: TEEN JUSTICE: Justice Has a Curfew ($12.99)

Five ordinary teenagers struggling to navigate the everyday perils of adolescence. Five ordinary teenagers living in a world recovering from a crisis born from one man’s act of revenge. Five ordinary teenagers. Also, they have superpowers . Meet Cameron, Taylor, Zack, Nova, and Max. As a team, these kids are the only hope for a bright tomorrow in a dark city full of genetically altered cops, crooks, and classmates. But first, they need to get together. And learn to get along.

Melissa Giomi: Divine Encounters... ($11.99)

In this inspiring contemporary devotional, Melissa Giomi explores what it means to be truly present with God in surprisingly ordinary ways. Filled with rich imagery, gentle poetry and soulful reflections that are rooted in the Word, Divine Encounters… offers readers a meditative guide that will anchor them to the everyday wonders of God’s love. A celebration of mindful living, courageous surrender and deep gratitude, Divine Encounters... invites you not just to let Jesus in — but to realize He is already here.

Kendell Haynes: Goodnight, Mira: Overcoming Fear of the Dark ($14.99)

Meet Mira, a young girl who struggles with fear at bedtime, on her way to overcoming her fears and emerging stronger and braver than ever before. With captivating illustrations and an engaging storyline, "Goodnight, Mira: Overcoming Fear of the Dark" is the perfect bedtime story for children ages 4-8.

AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia: Drifters Realm ($25.50)

Life Giver Roe, Sorcerer Ori, and Tamer Theo are three siblings with ancient backpack powers living in a mystical world. Together with their friends, they travel through forests, deserts, caves, and swamps in order to fight against the Guardians, a Storm Catcher named Tora, and her father, First City Leader Quinlan, in a battle between good and evil.

AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia: The Mirror Tree ($18,50 25.50)

In The Mirror Tree, Book Two of the Drifters Realm fantasy adventure series, twelve-year-old triplets Ori, Roe, and Tora, along with their older brother Theo, must trust their unpredictable magic and each other. Together, they attempt to stop the Guardians, whose supernatural powers are controlled by their uncle, First City Leader Zane. He is determined to steal Ori’s Sorcerer Obligation and impose his oppressive rule beyond their realm. As peril intensifies, the lines between right and wrong blur and the siblings fight to stay one step ahead of danger. They traverse through forests, deserts, caves, and swamps with the assistance of Ori and Roe’s ancient rings, their friends, and the outcast teenagers known as the Menace.

Suki Jones: Sea, Swallow Me ($17.00)

Set against the backdrop of the Bay Area in the early '90s, Jones balances motherhood and modeling with deft precision, but behind the scenes she was falling apart and roaming the night with punk rockers, metalheads, and sometimes even strangers, just looking for her next fix. Sea, Swallow Me is a powerful and redemptive tale of resilience and redemption.

Alfred J. Garrotto: Living Your Art—Loving Your Life ($14.99)

Living Your Art—Loving Your Life: 101 Reflections on Your Gift of Art is a collection of reflections for professional and aspiring artists of all genres on the intimate relationship between your gifts and talents and your Creator-Spirit who inspires you to speak hope, love, and compassion to our needy, beauty-starved world.

A. K. Karos: The Brave Coin ($21.99)

What's scarier... a dragon or the first day of school? For Sam, it is the first day of kindergarten that terrifies him, but could a wizard, a fire-breathing dragon, and a quest for a magic coin help him tackle his fears? As Sam learns the magical legend of The Brave Coin, he discovers what it truly means to be brave and how to find the courage to believe in yourself.

Linda Drattell: Who Wants to be Friends with a Dragon? ($18.99)

A dragon hides each day in the forest, watching as children and animals play together. He wants to join them but fears they will reject him because of the size of his wings, the sharpness of his nails, the power of his tail, and the fact he can blow fire. One day, a boy approaches the dragon, accepts their differences, and invites him to play. The dragon musters up the courage to attend the boy’s birthday party and, by trial and error, learns that his differences make him fit in! Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon? is the story of a lonely dragon who overcomes his fear of rejection to find the true meaning of friendship when he meets a boy who appreciates him for who he is.

Robert Anke: Octobert ($17.99)

Octobert is put to work as a scarecrow only to find that birds love him. Forced to travel from farm to farm in hopes of keeping a job, Octobert's story is one of resilience, self-discovery, friendship, and... dominoes?

Elaine Kelliher: Do You Think I Cried Too Long? ($17.95, $35.00)

The fall of 1954: eight-year-old Lily and her two-year-old brother are playing on the porch of an isolated farmhouse in rural California. They suddenly hear the reverberating boom of a shotgun in the house. Lily rushes inside and watches in horror as she sees her mother, Ellen, bleeding from a shotgun wound to the abdomen.

The coroner rules the death a suicide without any real investigation, though suspicions linger that the jealous-hearted husband is guilty. Will the tragedy and the town gossip that follows tear the family apart? This story takes you down winding paths filled with in-depth perspectives from friends and relatives, trying to determine what really happened.

Amy Landgraf: Cool To Be You ($17.99)

Experience the magic of of friendship and the courage to be yourself in this captivating must-read that will leave you inspired and uplifted. When Rollie’s new friend Jack invites him to school, Rollie is excited…until he wonders what the other kids will think of him. Can Rollie get over his fear of being different, or will he decide he’s better off in his garden? Discover the power of individuality in this tale of self-discovery that we can all relate to!

Monica Voicu Denniston: Maggie the Miitary Rat ($19.99)

Maggie P. Worthington is a military rat—at least, she wants to be. She tries to enlist, but falls short. She tries to serve the soldiers, but gets kicked out of the mess hall. Even her attempt to send letters to the troops misfires! Will Maggie find her own way to serve?

Kay Hogan: Up Right: Changing Our Thinking about how we Stand Up and Move ($40.00)

As a structural body worker (Hellerwork), movement specialist (Alexander Technique) and natural vision educator and Tomitis based practitioner over time I have developed a technique that I call “The Vestibular Sensing System”. It is based on the premise that we stand up and through our senses. The way that we use those senses determines our structure and how we move.

Jack Champlin: The Captain and the King ($14.99)

The Captain & the King is a story based on real events blending an ordeal at sea, a cross-cultural love story of resolve, and an exploration of how men of logic confront the supernatural. Author Jack Champlin has infused a piece of late 1880s Hawaii history with canny storytelling filled with unforgettable characters and evocative details, taking the reader to another time in an unusual place. At the same time, the story portends what the Hawaiian Kingdom will someday become and why the first king’s mana, or soul, takes on such importance for present-day Hawaii.

Melissa Giomi: Divine Appointments... ($11.99)

Melissa Giomi’s refreshing take on the contemporary Christian devotional combines gentle storytelling, hopeful anecdotes and prayerful poetry that will open your heart to the whispers of the divine. An oasis of peace in the midst of our worldly duties, Divine Appointments offers readers a spiritual signpost to God’s goodness. Every minute of every day.

Jill Hedgecock: In Shadow's Reflection ($13.99)

Sarah believes her life is back on track after a thwarted murder attempt ended with her attacker locked in jail. But when her boyfriend gifts her a DNA kit and genetic results awaken the ghosts of her past, questions arise about who she is. After a massive earthquake frees her psychopath assailant and her beloved Doberman goes missing, Sarah once again finds herself fighting to keep her ghost-seeing canine and herself safe.

Laurie Hailey, Mary Eichbauer, Deborah Bachels Schmidt, Johanna Ely: Love's Meditation ($20.00)

In Love’s Meditation, four poets reveal their love for the world and their concerns for its future. Love’s Meditation is a book about families: mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, and children, and how our families define us. The poems connect the poets to each other and to the world around them. As Laurie, Mary, Deborah, and Johanna conduct this poetic symphony, one voice emerges from their poetic meditations: a voice that calls for hope, and reminds us to pay attention to this world we share.

Valerie Sopher: Day for Night ($12.00)

“Valerie Sopher’s first poetry collection, Day for Night, emerges like a blossom amid the aftermath of pandemic isolation’s ‘endless loop of living…Here are poems of a life richly observed and beautifully rendered, attending to dailiness, nature, healing, a longing to travel, to connect, and perhaps to love…When you read these poems, ‘you realize you are not watching/the sun rise, but the earth turn.’” - Hollie Hardy

Bruce Lewis: Angel of Mercy Series ($9.95,$12.95)

Veterinary surgeon Jim Briggs has helped ten Chicago homeless people commit suicide. To the residents of the Lazy Acres homeless community, Briggs is an angel of mercy. He cares for their dogs for free and provides those in need with a pain-free exit from the city's harsh winters and brutal life on the street.

Wanda Venters and Mary Rae: Breaking Apart ($13.99)

Dr. Marnie Liccione and Dr. Louise Finnerty team up again to investigate the violent death of a young veteran at a Colorado VA Behavioral Health clinic. Was it suicide or murder? Questions from Josh’s widow, who feels that her world is breaking apart after his death, convince Marnie and Louise there’s more to the story. In their search for answers, they uncover a prescription drug diversion scheme masterminded by those who may be also involved in the illegal sale of krokodil, a deadly and disfiguring opiate. As they move closer to the truth of the circumstances surrounding Josh’s death, sinister forces will threaten their lives. Will they find the answers they need to give his widow solace?

Scott Slocum: The Trails We Travel: Moments in Amazement ($15.99)

We wander through a collection of moments and experiences along the trail of life. Through combinations of word and image, this book seeks to discover simple clarity through a presentation of experiential "short short stories." Moments with a message, as we navigate our journey through time.

William Rooney: ABCs of Woodworking ($11.99)

The ABCs of Woodworking cardboard book was designed to mesh your love for woodworking with teaching your young one the Alphabet. Even older childern could enjoy this book, especially if you have many of these tools in your shop/garage. The cartoonized tools are visually appealing to young kids, but are realistic enough for your child to point the tools out in the shop. This book would be a great gift for any woodworker who has a young child in their life, whether it's their own or they are a grandparent or Aunt/Uncle.

Vanessa Loder: The Soul Solution ($26.99)

Vanessa Loder invites you to consider this question: “What if the point isn't to crush it in life, but to savor it?” With The Soul Solution, this sought-after women’s leadership expert shares a powerful and practical guide to help women who feel overwhelmed and exhausted to recover our true selves—and our joy in living.

Betsy Streeter: Best of Brainwaves Volume One: The Fountain of Stuff ($20.00)

Brainwaves is a single-panel cartoon about the infinite absurdity of everyday life, whether it's the life of a person, a dog, a giraffe, a toaster, or a yam. Best of Brainwaves Volume One: The Fountain of Stuff covers the first 420 collected cartoons in the series, in the order they were drawn, and starting with the very first panels picked up by King Features in the 1990s. Streeter makes fun of technology, consumer culture, pets, bugs, working, cars, space, and just about anything else.

Grant Petersen: Bicycle Sentences ($20.00)

Bicycle Sentences is 177 sentences about bicycles and riding, stuff you may know or might not know, may believe or might not. It's not a Rule Book, not a Holy Book. I believe them all, they’re all true for me/Grant, and some may be true for you or worth experimenting with, and who knows what else?

Michael J. Cooper: Foxes in the Vineyard ($18.95)

In April of 1948, Boston University history professor Evan Sinclair receives a telegram notifying him that his father, Professor Clive Robert Sinclair, has been reported missing from his post at the Palestine Archaeological Museum. Fearing for his father's well-being, Evan and Clive's longtime friend, Mervin Smythe, travel to Palestine on the eve of the first Arab-Israeli War. Evan finds his father and far more-a lost love, a son he never knew he had, and covert elements of the Third Reich positioned in Palestine before the end of World War II. Having infiltrated both Arab and Jewish populations, the Nazis seek to use counter-intelligence and terror to stoke the fires of hatred and fear between Arabs and Jews. The goal is to drive the British from Palestine and to seize Jerusalem as the capital of a reborn Third Reich with the legendary Knights Templar treasure as plunder and the Temple Mount as their fortress.

Michael J. Cooper: Wages of Empire ($22.95)

In the summer of 1914, sixteen-year-old Evan Sinclair leaves home to join the Great War for Civilization. Little does he know that, despite the war raging in Europe, the true source of conflict will emerge in Ottoman Palestine, since it's from Jerusalem where the German Kaiser dreams to rule as Holy Roman Emperor. Filled with such historical figures as Gertrude Bell, T.E. Lawrence, Winston Churchill, Faisal bin Hussein and Chaim Weizmann, Wages of Empire follows Evan through the killing fields of the Western Front where he will help turn the tide of a war that is just beginning, and become part of a story that never ends.

S.Q. Orpin: The Catwalk Series ($15.99)

The five-part Catwalk Series was inspired by the exciting, yet perilous world of modeling in Los Angeles. The novels encompass a unique and deep examination of characters struggling to find meaning in life and love. The stories touch on the intricate and sometimes dark human existence and tumultuous relationships with intrigue, secrets, and triumphant conclusions.

S.Q. Orpin: The Catwalk Series Cookbook Companions ($8.99)

The five-part Cookbook Companions were created to showcase the eclectic and engaging characters from the Catwalk Series who prepare meals together, dine at fancy restaurants, and side characters who work in the industry. The cookbooks became a natural transition to introduce the large cast with a unique culinary flair. Every Companion is individually crafted with recipes and chapter highlights to complement the epic saga of the Catwalk Series.

Deven Greene: Ties That Kill ($16.99)

"Brush up on your biology and break out your Punnett squares because Ties That Kill is a studied medical thriller with a distinctive genealogic twist. Leveraging the popularity of online ancestry sites, Deven Greene crafts an alarming tale about asking questions we may not appreciate the honest answers to... The narrative includes lightly technical details that give credence to the science, technology, and medicine used to expand the plot. Still, it doesn’t leave anyone feeling bogged down or completely out of their depth. Featuring an endearing family thrust into an extraordinary situation, Ties That Kill is a tense and authoritative medical thriller with a sturdy warmth radiating from its core."—Jennifer Jackson, Indies Today.

Joanna Hill: The Well-Being in You ($17.95)

The Well-Being in You: How 3 Simple Principles Can Help You Tune into Your Innate Psychological Health and Thrive is a love letter and a simple manual to manage life’s challenges and thrive in an abundance of opportunity. This book is a conversation that brings out what you already have inside. Personal and client stories and reflection questions give you "ah ha" moments, transforming how you feel day-to-day. By exploring well-being, you’ll be able to experience it more deeply and often, and to know what gets in the way.

Norah Woodsey: The States ($25.00)

An "inventive novel about wishes and regret" (Kirkus), The States is a reimagining of Jane Austen's Persuasion—a story of love, obligation, and second chances.

Norah Woodsey: The Control Problem ($25.00)

The Control Problem is the story of a woman who learns she is less than she thought and more than she realized. "Libraries and readers looking for a blend of women's literature, hard sci-fi, and social examination will find Vera's story in The Control Problem to be enlightening, eerily akin to some forms of modern angst, and impossible to put down." (D. Donovan)

Amy Glynn: Romance Language ($30.00)

Amy Glynn's Romance Language is a wellspring of culture, nature, natural phenomena, myths, esoterica. A kaleidoscope of sciences and disciplines-spanning archeology, acoustics, botany, zoology, psychology, cosmology, meteorology, mythology-are freely juxtaposed with the bliss of romance gained to longing for the one lost, the celebration of nature and the teeming creatures therein to hope for their enduring sustenance. A logophilic showcase and worthy winner of the 2022 Able Muse Book Award, Romance Language transports the reader into a sensory and cerebral world of the real and imagined, ever reaching for stimulus, wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment.

Andrew Jordan Nance: Dolly Dives Deep! ($18.95)

Scared to try something new? You're not alone! Dolly, a young dolphin, is too. Her family and friends will soon leave the comfort of their beautiful bay to go out into the big blue sea, which means swimming in deep, dark water. In this beautifully illustrated story, Dolly struggles to overcome her fears with the help of her wise grandmother. What will Dolly discover about taking risks? To find out, come along on this ocean adventure!

Claudia Hagadus Long: Nine Tenths of the Law ($14.95)

Claudia Long's historical novel "Nine Tenths of the Law" is about "two sisters, their mother, and a Nazi thief: combining the strands of history, mystery and the enduring power of buried memories." You can read more about it here.

Brian Donohue: In the Company of Men ($18.99)

Brian Donohue has recently published "In the Company of Men", an examination of men's issues and Christian life.

Brian Donohue: Spirit of Fiat Lux ($95.00)

Brian Donohue's "The Spirit of Fiat Lux" is a hard bound coffee table book with beautiful photography, prose and poetry; it is also a key source of information about Public Service Contracts to help fund public higher education.

Jon Kingdon: Al Davis: Behind the Raiders Shield ($27.99)

Al Davis: Behind the Raiders Shield is "an accurate, detailed portrayal of a man in the pantheon of notable sports figures of the 20th century" written by some of the men who worked closely with him, including longtime Oakland Raiders scout and Lafayette resident Jon Kingdon.

Raea Gragg: MUP ($19.99)

Raea Gragg's "MUP" is "a graphic novel for children ages 7-12. It's a coming of age tale that follows two girls on their adventure to save the earth and learn to accept the changes that come with time while staying true to themselves." You can read more about Raea and her book here.

M. F. Metcalf: Inklings ($88.00)

In his new book, Inklings: John Wilkins Carter and the Carter’s Ink Company, Michael F. Metcalf tells the story of an old New England family and the companies they created and operated— beginning with Timothy Carter’s Old Corner Bookstore in downtown Boston and spanning a 150-year period. You can read more about this beautiful book here.

Jill Hedgecock: Rhino in the Room ($11.99)

Rhino in the Room is a beautifully written and an intellectually stimulating debut novel from Jill Hedgecock. It's power is in advocating for a worthy cause-that of the rhino, using the storyteller's eye. This is a novel for anyone with an interest in the natural world and the rhino. This is a novel for everyone! Read more here.

Jill Hedgecock: Between Shadow’s Eyes ($11.99)

After orphaned sixteen-year-old Sarah Whitman rescues a Doberman, her secret living situation is jeopardized. Shadow’s incessant barking has drawn unwanted attention from the authorities. Desperate to keep her pet, Sarah turns to an animal behaviorist, Dr. Claudia Griffin, only to be informed that Shadow barks because her house is haunted. Sarah is skeptical until a chance discovery reveals that she can see ghosts through Shadow by placing her fingers between her dog’s eyes — an act that inadvertently draws her into a deadly feud instigated by Dr. Griffin. Can Sarah find a way to save herself and Shadow? Read more here.

Jill Hedgecock: From Shadow’s Perspective ($13.49)

From the moment orphaned teen Sarah stepped through the door of her temporary foster home, her guardian’s “Mean Girl” granddaughter has made her life a living hell. More than anything Sarah longs to take her ghost-seeing Doberman, Shadow, and move back into the cozy home her father bought for her before he died. When Sarah brings Shadow to her new high school to model for a class art project, she spots the ghost of a toddler boy while petting the space between her dog’s eyes. Despite being warned to forget the incident, she becomes obsessed with finding out the child’s identity. Sarah’s investigation into the little boy’s death draws the attention of his murderer and she finds herself struggling to avoid becoming the killer’s next victim. Read more here.

James Benney: Native American Indian Sites ($12.00)

Native American Indian Sites In the East Bay Hills by James Benney guides you across Native American sites in the East Bay Hills along with a brief history of indigenous culture in the East Bay Hills. You can read more about it here.

Jane Blomstrand: Meet the Principal ($13.95)

Jane's stories in "Meet the Principal: My Journey Beyond the Curriculum" will inspire and educate anyone with an interest in the important institution of education for the young.

Lyn Roberts: Invisible Wounds ($18.00)

Invisible Wounds by Lyn Roberts, is "a powerful portrait of one man's struggle to heal from his trauma experienced in both war and personal life. When Steven discovers David Lane's Civil War letters, the similarities that haunt his own war in Vietnam set him on a path of redemption. With each discovered letter, Steven learns another part of the secret to healing and building a fearless life of purpose."

Susana Sanchez Young: Designing Chica Coloring Book #1, #2, #3 ($15.99)

Susana Sanchez-Young has turned a pandemic side-project into a purposeful activity, finding a following on social media. Her beautiful illustrations capture many themes of 2020 and beyond in books that will delight young and old.

Carol Green: Guess Who’s Coming? ($14.99)

Carol Green has written a short, colorful picture book for the very young who have a new sibling on the way. Illustrated by Ron Clelland, it is meant as an encouraging and engaging aid for the growing family.

Denise Kalm: Retirement Savvy ($15.00)

Denise P. Kalm is a Board-Certified Coach and President of DPK Coaching offering personalized transition coaching services and workshops. In "Retirement Savvy" she offers excellent practical advice and real-world examples about how people experience the challenges and opportunities related to retirement.

Denise Kalm: First Job Savvy ($10.00)

Denise also wrote "First Job Savvy" to show first-time and returning job seekers how to create a plan for success. "Readers will learn how to hit the ground running and be a standout success in their new job."

Barry Hampshire: Journey to Self ($14.95)

Journey to Self author Barry Hampshire writes: Over the past roughly seven years, I have written my memoir Journey to Self. It describes how a journey I took 42 years ago affected me and resulted in who I have become. In the last few years before retirement, I wrote short stories about my earlier life that I hoped my daughter may read, someday. As I looked at this mass of material, much of which related to the journey, I couldn’t deny that I’d had and was still living an incredible life. There were lessons to be found that could help other people steer their own lives to maturity and/or fulfillment.

Deven Greene: Unnatural ($19.95)

From Indies Today: Unnatural is a flawlessly written medical thriller that focuses on a Chinese mother who will sacrifice everything to save her children. Erica is a bold protagonist who follows her instincts to some amazing discoveries. The narrative is driven by intelligent dialogue and a clever, yet heinous, plot. The cultural aspects between Ting and Erica feel authentic and the technical medical language is just complicated enough to feel genuine without becoming difficult to read. Deven Greene has created a truly gripping international thriller with just the right amount of humanity and compassion.

Ken Kerkhoff: Four Degrees North ($12.00)

In "Four Degrees North: Confronting Terror in Central Africa", Alan Burke accepts his first assignment with the U.S. State Department and travels to Africa. His wife, Mona, plans to join him in Cameroon after she finishes an assignment in Nigeria for her U.S. law firm. Mona is forcefully abducted and held hostage by Boko Haram, an Islamic terrorist group. Alan, frustrated by the inability of the various governments to assist his wife, acts on his own. In defiance of protocol, he crosses the Cameroon-Nigeria border to track the terrorists. He is aided by Eric Mbando, a Cameroonian, who risks his life for righteousness and justice.

Ken Kerkhoff: Paper Boat ($11.00)

Appreciate the incredible history and culture of India through the fascinating tales of Kerkhoff and Pejathaya in "Paper Boat: Discovering India with a Master Storyteller". Both write with remarkable feeling as they interweave Indian experiences. Their stories offer a refreshing look at a remarkable country, its people, customs and its maze of religious proclivity.

James Benney: Kaaknu the Volvon ($9.00)

The Volvon tribal territory remains virtually untouched today. Many village and camp sites lie undisturbed in the Black Hills behind Mount Diablo, part of the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve. One can still walk the paths Kaaknu the Volvon tribal leader walked, and see the same panoramic views of central California that he saw. In thirty-five short years he saw the complete dissolution of his tribe and the total loss of all of their ancestral territory to Spanish soldiers and settlers and the Jesuit Missions.

James Benney: Grandpa ($9.00)

Grandpa: Eldred Tyrrell Benney is a moving, wonderful tribute to the San Francisco Bay Area's rich history and a soulful retelling of one man's outstanding life.

Peter Boffey: The Three Naked Ladies of Cliffport ($22.95)

"In Volume I, we hear the distinct yet disparate voices of Elisabeth and Katelyn Lowrie, and Jan McLoughlin, as they struggle to come to terms with one another and themselves. We witness Elise--despairing over failing communications with her headstrong daughter--retreat to the attic, there to embark upon her memoir composed as a long letter to her only child. Meanwhile, downstairs, buoyed up by her bottles of whisky and cartons of unfiltered cigarettes, Jan--the outspoken landowner returning after fifty years--launches out on telling her life story to Katie aloud.

"In Volume II, we watch Katie spanning the gap between the two older women while hatching a plan that may enable the Lowries (and Donald Duncan, Katie's 10-year-old son) to remain living on the place."

Kent Gordon: Victory Over Anxiety, Depression & the Human Condition ($10.00)

"This book is a compassionate and easy read for those who are hurting and in need of rescue on the road. It opens up possibilities where only dead ends are thought to exist. It gets those in need back on the road with the understanding and insight God intended."

Kent Gordon: Difficult Conversations: Restoring the Relationships Between our LGBT-Q Friends, Families and the Church ($10.00)

"This book is a compassionate introduction to and discussion of Gods’ viewpoint for both the open-minded non-Christian and the Christian struggling to believe."

Josephine Mele: Various Mysteries ($7.00 - 10.00)

Josephine Mele's novels are a page-turning blend of travelogue and mystery that will keep you up at night trying to solve the puzzle amid exotic locales. Learn about the culture, food, and people of each country as you travel along with June Gordon to try and solve a murder.

Josephine Mele: The Odd Grandmothers ($9.00)

In "The Odd Grandmothers", Josephine Mele tells the story of three generations of strong Italian matriarchs, and how they struggled to make a better life for their children. The book takes us from old Sicily, to Brooklyn, to San Francisco and back.

Adria Elana Martinez: Tartlin the Terrific Tortoise Dog ($14.99)

Adria Martinez adds a fun book for little readers to the Local Authors bookcase with "Tartlin the Terrific Tortoise Dog". Tartlin is a desert tortoise who is adopted by a lively little girl on her eighth birthday. The little girl's disappointment at gaining a reptile instead of a dog or even a cat quickly fades, as she learns to accept Tartlin for the slow-moving and expressionless reptile that he is.

T. L. Bequette: Good Lookin' ($17.99)

Debut thriller "Good Lookin'" joins the Local Authors bookcase! T. L. Bequette weaves a drama focused on a fight for justice involving a lawyer and his, obscure young client accused of murder. You can read the detailed review (itself quite a piece) on Kirkus Reviews.

Anne Braff Brodzinsky: The Falling Down Time ($19.95)

Dr. Brodzinsky's recent book "The Falling Down Time" invites parents to have a dialogue with their children about their own family's experiences with divorce. Her hope is that by reading this book to your children and being open to their feelings that you will grow closer in time.

Oscar Porter: Coyote Grayshadow, The Civilian ($10.00,12.00)

In "Coyote Grayshadow", Oscar Porter presents images and descriptions of coyotes, the native Bay Area canine. And in his autobiographical book "The Civilian", he recounts true stories of real-life heroism.

Daniel Campbell: Let's Go to the Library with Kenny the Clown ($7.20)

Daniel Campbell's "Let's Go to the Library with Kenny the Clown" was inspired by Ken Kahn aka Kenny the Clown, a 25 year veteran street performer. A UC Berkeley graduate with a Degree in Child Psychology, it has been Ken's lifelong pursuit to motivate, entertain, and educate children. "Going to the Library" is a fun and entertaining book that delivers a positive social and moral message to children.

Pascale Vermont: Surviving the Unimaginable ($16.99)

From the early days of shock and devastation through the following phases of grief over time, Pascale Vermont, PhD, offers insight and recommendations for bereaved parents, their family and friends, as well as medical providers. "Surviving the Unimaginable" is in our Local Authors bookcase.

Judy Lynn Ohlrogge: Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy ($19.95)

Also in the Local Authors bookcase, "Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy" is an adventurous children's alphabet book filled with animals and alliteration. Join Teacher Judy on a rhyme-filled alphabet adventure, visiting places around the world with a cast of beautifully illustrated animals.

Sharon K. Sobotta: Journey of Life ($16.95)

"Journey of Life: 100 Life Lessons from Around the World" is a tapestry of universally applicable lessons and stories that Sharon collected while interviewing people from every walk of life (famous and unknown) from around the world. It shows how much humans have to learn from each other; how experiences, when shared, bring us one step closer to understanding ourselves.

Sharon K. Sobotta: Confessions of a Dream Chaser ($10.95)

In "Confessions of a Dream Chaser", Sharon details the kind of life you can have when you decide to keep the dream but do away with the plan. After launching her other careers, she decided to pursue her childhood aspiration to be a talk show host by auditioning for a spot on the Oprah Winfrey Network, learning to embrace life’s mishaps and kooky detours as the kind of pivotal experiences that can show you what you’re made of.

Mike Bernhardt: Voices of the Grieving Heart ($16.95)

Joining the Local Authors bookcase is Mike Bernhardt's "Voices of the Grieving Heart", an anthology of poems, essays and images from 83 contributors who share their journeys through loss, grief, and transformation, serving as a companion on the darkest road many of us will ever have to travel: grieving the death of someone we loved.

Helen Ann Licht: Travels with an Artist ($17.99)

Helen Ann Licht, painter, scholar, activist, mother and (great) grandmother, shares a collection of stories from her own colorful history and that of her family. Accompanied with vintage photographs and her own artwork, the stories contained in "Travels with an Artist" can be read individually or as a whole.

Janice Peacock: Glass Bead Mysteries ($13.95)

The Glass Bead novels are "humorous cozy mysteries for readers who love beads, and even those who don't".

Janice Peacock: Aloe and Goodbye ($13.95)

In "Aloe and Goodbye" Ruby Shaw finds herself under police protection after just arriving in Paradise, Arizona and witnessing a murder. Defending herself against suspicion, she meets the quirky inhabitants of her new home and an avid gardener of succulents who may be equally passionate about her.

Elizabeth Logan: Murphy's Slaw ($7.99)

When a local prize-winning farmer is murdered at the state fair, Charlie Cook gets called in to help investigate, but she’s shocked to learn the victim is a friend in this latest installment in the Alaskan Diner Mysteries. Camille Minichino, writing as Elizabeth Logan, brings a cozy mystery that may leave you with an appetite!

Michael Shepler: Angel's Flight ($15.00)

Angel's Flight contains nearly 98 poems on subjects such as the ways human beings treat and interact with one another, the poignancy of fleeting moments and meetings, and of course, love.

Deven Greene: Unwitting ($19.95)

Dr. Erica Rosen’s world is turned upside down after a suicide bomber explodes amidst a large crowd entering Oracle Park baseball stadium, near her San Francisco home. A young autistic man has information about the mastermind behind the bombing but has limited ability to speak. Erica is determined to protect him, prevent further bombings, and find his missing classmates.

Glen Dahlgren: The Child of Chaos ($19.99)

The Gold Medal Winner of the 2021 Readers' Favorite Award for YA Epic Fantasy: An irresistible longing drags young Galen to an ancient vault where, long ago, the gods of Order locked Chaos away. Chaos promises power to the one destined to liberate it, but Galen's dreams warn of dark consequences.

Glen Dahlgren: The Game of War ($19.99)

Dantess wants to follow in the footsteps of his dead grandfather—a legendary priest of War—but his father forbids it. In fact, his father’s hatred of War lands him in a cell within the god’s temple. The only way to free him is from the inside, so Dantess must choose: let his father die or defy his upbringing, become a priest, and win his father’s freedom in the temple’s deadly Game of War.

GLen Dahlgren: The Realm of Gods ($19.99)

The Realm of Gods is more than just a story; it's a descent into the battle between Order and Chaos, a testament to the enduring power of human connection, and a battle cry for rebellion against tyranny. Join the heroes you love on their final, climatic dance between despair and hope, the last leg in an extraordinary journey that you'll never forget. "The Realm of Gods was a thrilling conclusion to a series that has captured the mind and the heart. The characters throughout the series popped off the page in such a realistic, unique way, and the world is one that deserves to be remembered."—Quill & Pen Society (egswriter)

George R. Epstein: Surviving Cancer: Something to Celebrate! ($12.95)

In recent years, melanoma oncologists and their clinical trials have provided substantial advances in immunotherapy, resulting in much greater survival rates. With more successful treatments for melanoma, however, come related challenges. One challenge is the inevitable side effects that come with any treatment. A second challenge is a more positive one: When there are multiple treatments available, which one should you choose? As confusing and daunting as it may seem, melanoma patients should discuss this question with their physicians, so that, ultimately, they will make the right choice.

Lee Gale Gruen: Adventures with Dad and Reinventing Yourself in Your Retirement Years ($14.99)

Lee Gale retired at age sixty from her thirty-seven-year career as a probation officer and started attending an acting class for seniors just as a pastime. A few weeks later her mother died, and she invited her grieving, eighty-five-year-old father to come to class with her. "Adventures with Dad" is the true story of their magical journey attending that class together for three years, and their bonding through that experience more than ever before. "Reinventing Yourself in Your Retirement Years: Find Joy, Excitement, and Purpose After You Retire" offers an individualized guide for retirees and seniors in this new stage of their life based on their own likes and comfort level. It offers ways to identify what might interest you and suggests numerous activities and pursuits as well as how and where to find them. You can read more about Lee Gale's journeys here.

Ben Schwartz: Everything There Was To Tell ($12.00)

Brothers and sisters drawn by their father’s death back home to the family farm, a friend wrestling with the ghastly consequences of his own inattention, a very-ill man’s pilgrimage to the high mountains of California—these spare and deeply western stories crackle with hard-earned grief, love, and, when it matters most, humor. (Daniel Duane)

Lydia Osborn: Ideal and Revenant ($12.95)

The world of twin sisters Mara and Kat Cyania was ideal. As magically-enhanced Witch Warriors the girls spend their days happily training and fighting in martial and magical arts, preparing to battle the soulless killers that have been plaguing their planet for centuries. All goes well until Mara discovers a deadly secret - one of their kind has betrayed them and is preparing to destroy their world.

All too easily, the hunters can become the hunted. That's what Mara and Kat learn as their lives are upended by the sudden appearance of their mother, bringing questions about their past and their destiny as the not-so-holy children of Angels. After spending their entire lives hunting monsters, Mara and Kat are forced to confront the possibility that they could be the biggest monsters of them all.

Mark R. Clifford: Typhoon Coast ($14.99)

Ten-year-old Trent McShane watches in horror as his beautiful young mother is swept away from California’s Typhoon Coast into the unforgiving wild blue Pacific, never to be seen again. Lost and bewildered, Trent falls under the spell of class clown Eddie Thompson, who has a wanderlust for treasure hunts — in particular, the infamous World War II Golden Lily Treasure, buried on the other side of the ocean, deep in the wild green Philippine jungle. Together, Trent and Eddie follow childhood’s illusions of grandeur through San Francisco, then become men in the vast Philippine mountains. Mount Pinatubo explodes with apocalyptic fury, but does it take the Golden Lily Treasure with it? Eddie and Trent are not alone in the hunt. The trillions in treasure could afford the US government incredible power in international affairs and bankroll the nation’s black operations. It’s all fair game.

Francie Low: Alive and Fixable ($16.00)

For fifteen months after Tony's cycling accident, Francie protected Tony on his bumpy road to recovery and he protected his family from knowing just how much he hurt. Together they learned to never give up and to accept help. Love was everywhere, inspiring Tony and Francie to stay positive and look for the community of angels floating into their lives.

Alfred Garrotto: Inspector Javert at the Gates of Hell ($14.99)

Inspector Javert, Victor Hugo’s fictional antihero, stands on the parapet. Below him, the swirling River Seine beckons. He hesitates, then… steps forward. What happens next? Does he cease to exist. Does he find life on the other side of life as we know it here on Earth? If he does what sort of existence awaits Javert on that "other side"?

Paul Kalas: Crete Swim ($16.95)

"Crete Swim" is a new adventure guide for people who love to travel and swim, with over 20 locations around the Mediterranean island of Crete, where open water swimmers can discover routes between 25 meters and 6 km that have a particular beauty, novelty, scenery, or history. You can learn more about the book here.

Michael Barrington: The Bishop Wears No Drawers ($20.00)

Set during a pivotal period in the history of the Catholic church and bloody civil war in Nigeria, The Bishop Wears No Drawers is a true-to-life "survivor" tale replete with adrenaline-pumping adventures, daunting challenges and the added dimension of one priest's profound religious struggle to find his true self.

Michael Barrington: Various Novels ($20.00)

Michael Barrington's novels include: Let the Peacock Sing, a captivating and unrequited love story is set against the action-packed background of the French Resistance in 1942; Becoming Anya, an historical novel set during WW2 and its aftermath about a nun who overcomes tragedy and crisis through loving relationships to finally become the woman she was meant to be; and The Ethiopian Affair, an international thriller about a plot to kidnap the US ambassador to Ethiopia.

Martin Patin: Roebell Sandwich ($12.00)

Twelve-year-old Paul Roebell has a dream: He wants to be on TV. As he joins his friends in his television fame endeavors, he is met with various failures and successes that impact not only himself but his friends and family as well. Will Paul ultimately be successful in his goal, or will he be met with disappointment? Roebell Sandwich is a fictional story about the ups and downs in the life of one twelve-year-old boy growing up in Queens, New York, in the 1970s.

Deven Greene: Unforeseen ($21.95)

Pediatrician Erica Rosen is stymied when two of her patients don't respond to medicine as expected. When other patients later develop strange, unexpected illnesses, she is determined to get to the bottom of it... Erica is convinced something nefarious is underfoot, and Dr. Nilsen, rather than simply being after her job, is engaged in a dangerous scheme involving her patients. Unable to recruit the help of law enforcement in a timely manner, she realizes she must take matters into her own hands. As she proceeds with her investigation, she is unaware of the dangers she is about to encounter.

Jill Hedgecock: Queen of the Rhino ($12.50)

Seventeen-year-old Claire’s role in a dramatic effort to save two rhinos while visiting South Africa caused her to become a social media sensation known as #QueenoftheRhino, but the trauma of the encounter left her with emotional scars. When Claire agrees to travel to Kenya with her father and his annoying new wife to meet a potential donor for her Rhino in the Room Foundation, she suspects she may have been brought to Africa under false pretenses. Can Claire face her demons and unravel who is behind the sinister events in time to save the endangered rhinos she cares so much for?

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