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Reasonable Books is an independent bookstore in the East San Francisco Bay Area located in Lafayette, California. We are here to serve as a general bookstore with an emphasis on thoughtful and important subjects for the interested and discerning reader.

While we strive to make available illuminating materials you may not even realize you want to read, we also believe that the mind benefits from rest and healthy distractions. You will find books that can help you relax or escape for a well-deserved break here.


21 February 2024: Welcome to William Rooney and his children's board book for future woodworkers, ABCs of Woodworking!

The ABCs of Woodworking cardboard book was designed to mesh your love for woodworking with teaching your young one the Alphabet. Even older childern could enjoy this book, especially if you have many of these tools in your shop/garage. The cartoonized tools are visually appealing to young kids, but are realistic enough for your child to point the tools out in the shop. This book would be a great gift for any woodworker who has a young child in their life, whether it's their own or they are a grandparent or Aunt/Uncle.

Book Cover: ABCs of Woodworking by William Rooney, with cartoon image of wooden rocking horse under construction.
ABCs of Woodworking

Remember, "O" is for Orbital Sander!

6 February 2024: We are starting a new program for book clubs! Since we opened in 2020 we've had the pleasure of getting to know many avid readers from the Lamorinda area, and we've noticed that many of you belong to book clubs. We'd love to learn more about what your club's interests, and how we can help you get the most out of your book reading.

Photograph shows a woman standing on a pile of books speaking into a megaphone for an American Library Association War Service promotion to collect books for soldiers fighting in Europe.
Calling All Book Clubs!

To that end, we're inviting local book clubs to register with us and receive discounts of new copies of the books your clubs are choosing to read. To register, please visit or email us, letting us know the name of your club and the contact information for a club member to whom we can reach out for book club related news.

When your club is registered, you can then let us know what book you have chosen to read for the current month, with a discount on this book of 20% for your club members! This way, we can make sure we have some copies of your book in the store, and of course, we're also happy to order specific quantities of books for your club members to purchase! Please let us know if you have any questions about this program, either in person or by sending us a note at

2 February 2024: The East Bay's own photographer and poet Scott Slocum has recently published his first book, The Trails We Travel: Moments in Amazement, a collection of poems accompanied by poignant images from the scenic hillsides of Northern California. This is a book for literary hikers and other lovers of the natural beauty of the East Bay and beyond!

We wander through a collection of moments and experiences along the trail of life. Through combinations of word and image, this book seeks to discover simple clarity through a presentation of experiential "short short stories." Moments with a message, as we navigate our journey through time.

Book Cover: The Trails We Travel by Scott Slocum, with framed photograph from a trail in Northern California East San Francisco Bay.
The Trails We Travel

Scott Slocum
Scott Slocum

20 January 2024: We are pleased to congratulate Wanda Venters and Mary Rae on the release of their second Finnerty and Liccione Medical Mystery, Breaking Apart!

Dr. Marnie Liccione and Dr. Louise Finnerty team up again to investigate the violent death of a young veteran at a Colorado VA Behavioral Health clinic. Was it suicide or murder? Questions from Josh’s widow, who feels that her world is breaking apart after his death, convince Marnie and Louise there’s more to the story. In their search for answers, they uncover a prescription drug diversion scheme masterminded by those who may be also involved in the illegal sale of krokodil, a deadly and disfiguring opiate. As they move closer to the truth of the circumstances surrounding Josh’s death, sinister forces will threaten their lives. Will they find the answers they need to give his widow solace?

Book Cover: Breaking Apart by Wanda Venters M.D and Mary Rae M.D. with image of VA Medical Center and snowy mountains in the background.
Breaking Apart

13 January 2024: Congratulations to local author Bruce Lewis on the release of his Angel of Mercy series! These mysteries feature Jim Briggs, a veterinary surgeon who volunteers his time helping the unhoused in a most unusual way.

Veterinary surgeon Jim Briggs has helped ten Chicago homeless people commit suicide. To the residents of the Lazy Acres homeless community, Briggs is an angel of mercy. He cares for their dogs for free and provides those in need with a pain-free exit from the city's harsh winters and brutal life on the street.

Book Cover: Angel of Mercy by Bruce Lewis with image of hirsute and tattooed man with dog next to homeless encampment.
Angel of Mercy

Book Cover: Human Strays by Bruce Lewis with woman walking with dog at night down a narrow and rain soaked street.
Human Strays

Book Cover: Family Curse by Bruce Lewis with older man wearing eyepatch in front of a lit fireplace.
Family Curse

Book Cover: The Red Flock by Bruce Lewis with group of robed and hooded people standing in circle around a tanager in a birdcage.
The Red Flock

11 January 2024: 2024 is starting with some exciting news from us here at Reasonable Books, where we are pleased to introduce Linda Grana, the newest member of your Reasonable Books staff!

Many of you will know Linda from her tenure as manager at Lafayette Bookstore. You may also know her from Diesel Books (now East Bay Booksellers), or from her online book reviews and reading groups. Linda’s sage advice since we opened in 2020 can be felt throughout the store. Betty and Linda have some exciting ideas to work on in 2024, including resources and benefits for book clubs and their members, and they are kicking off the new year with their Top 10 lists of books from 2023. With that introduction, I will let Linda tell you more in her own words.


2023: Our Year In Books

2023 was definitely 'one for the books'! As we're just entering the new year, we've been reflecting back on the previous years' bookish gems.

Both Betty and I have painstakingly (so hard to choose!) compiled a list of our Top 10 favorites for 2023. I have made it a New Year’s tradition of mine for the past decade or so, and it's amazing to me that some years it seems difficult to come up with 10 titles that I feel are really worthy of the list; then others, like this past year, we both struggled to sort through our numerous favorites, narrowing it down to just the 10. In fact, Betty ended up having two "runners up", and I found myself having to include an "honorable mention"!

When we got together with our completed lists we were excited to find that we, not only had 3 books in common, but we had both chosen the same novel as our #1 Book Of the Year!

Rudy, Betty and I are anxious to have you drop by the store to see which title earned that number one spot for both of us. We're also excited to announce that we are offering a 20% discount on every book on our list through February 29th! Betty will be working hard to make sure that all have been ordered, and hopefully on hand when you come in.

So stop by when you can, and let's talk books! We'd love to hear about your personal favorites of 2023!



Linda will be working at the shop one day a week, and if you see her behind the counter please feel free free to say hello and welcome her aboard—and of course, to talk books! Thank you so much for your continued support of us here at Reasonable Books :)

Linda Grana in front of shelves with books and Linda's reviews of them.
Linda Grana

9 January 2024: Congratulations to local poet Valerie Sopher on her first chapbook, Day For Night!

Book cover: Day For Night by Valerie Sopher with image of collage made from burnt photographic film.
Day For Night

“Valerie Sopher’s first poetry collection, Day for Night, emerges like a blossom amid the aftermath of pandemic isolation’s ‘endless loop of living…Here are poems of a life richly observed and beautifully rendered, attending to dailiness, nature, healing, a longing to travel, to connect, and perhaps to love…When you read these poems, ‘you realize you are not watching/the sun rise, but the earth turn.’” - Hollie Hardy

Ask about the discount in celebration of Valerie's collection of poetry!

28 December 2023: Welcome to Laurie, Mary, Deborah and Johanna and their collection of poetry, Love's Meditation! In Love’s Meditation, four poets reveal their love for the world and their concerns for its future. Love’s Meditation is a book about families: mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, and children, and how our families define us. The poems connect the poets to each other and to the world around them. As Laurie, Mary, Deborah, and Johanna conduct this poetic symphony, one voice emerges from their poetic meditations: a voice that calls for hope, and reminds us to pay attention to this world we share.
Book cover: Love's Meditation by Laurie Hailey, Mary Eichbauer, Deborah Bachels Schmidt, and Johanna Ely with image of stone labyrinth in a grove of trees.
Love's Meditation

Laurie Hailey
Laurie Hailey

26 December 2023: Soon after we opened in 2020 we had the pleasure to meet Jill Hedgecock and carry her books in our Local Authors bookcase, and we are very pleased to offer her congratulations on the third and final book in her Doberman-inspired Shadow the Doberman series, In Shadow's Reflection!

Sarah believes her life is back on track after a thwarted murder attempt ended with her attacker locked in jail. But when her boyfriend gifts her a DNA kit and genetic results awaken the ghosts of her past, questions arise about who she is. After a massive earthquake frees her psychopath assailant and her beloved Doberman goes missing, Sarah once again finds herself fighting to keep her ghost-seeing canine and herself safe.

Book cover: In Shadow's Reflection with image of a Doberman looking forward with perked ears, and blurred image of a girl's face behind him.
In Shadow's Reflection

4 December 2023: Please RSVP for our next in-store event this Saturday, December 9th, at 10:00 AM, where we will host a writing workshop with Sharon Sobotta! You can email your RSVP to

Stories are the part of us that can live on for generations to come. In this storytelling and writing workshop, Sharon will guide us through a series of fun exercises to engage us in the age-old tradition of storytelling. She’ll also explore the idea that with a pencil in hand, we can “write” ourselves into a better place and uncover invaluable life lessons that offer us perspective on our lives and communities and have the capacity to teach and inspire others. All are welcome regardless of writing experience. Join this free workshop and have fun strengthening your story telling muscles or simply taking in the stories of others.

Sharon K. Sobotta is a writer, a journalist, an advocate and an educator. She is a columnist for the East Bay Express based in Oakland, California, a producer for a monthly in- depth news program at Pacifica KPFA and a contributor for a number of other media outlets. Sharon has been recognized for her 2018 screenplay ‘Thank you God, Men and Oprah for Unanswered Prayers,’ her 2008 book The Journey of Life: 100 Lessons from Around the World and is in the process of finding a publisher for her memoir Sidetracked.

Stories Live On Forever, Saturday, December 9, 2023 10AM-12PM, Reasonable Books, 3645 Mt. Diablo Blvd Lafayette. How do we keep our stories alive for generations to come? How can we 'write' ourselves into a better place? Sharon Sobotta will explore this and read excerpts from her forthcoming book 'Sidetracked' at this interactive workshop. All are welcome! Sharon K. Sobotta is a writer, a journalist, a columnist, an educator and an advocate. She resides in the East Bay with her two daughters--Espi and Delilah.

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